Almond Croissants


Almond Croissant

Update: Here's a (hopefully) tantalizing pic!

I originally made these for Mother’s Day, and my family loves them. Even though they’re not low-carb, they are sugar free, made with Truvia. I’ll have to post the pic later since I’m posting this for a work demo.

Please see this link for the original recipe and to stop by Clotilde’s lovely site:

Now for my recipe tweaks. This is for 6 croissants. 


-Instead of 2 tbs sugar, use 2 tbs Truvia in ¼ cup water

Almond Crème:

-Instead of ½ cup sugar, use use 3 and ½ tbs Truvia

-I used 7 tbs of unsalted butter, which is about 100 g

Everything else is pretty much the same, except that I cut the croissants in half before I dip them in the “syrup,” otherwise they can get too soggy to cut. Also, I don’t always use stale-ish croissants, this recipe has worked for me with fresh croissants from Safeway. They’re delicious either way!

Almond Croissant

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